GIMP Magazine #8

This month we feature the amazing works of Ian Muttoo, and his master class that teaches us all about nighttime and low-light photography. While this issue is light on GIMP, it is heavy on photography and the talented people who use GIMP.

Ian Muttoo is a regular contributing writer and photographer for GIMP Magazine. Ian’s photography was featured on the very first cover of GIMP Magazine, and his article about motion photography appeared in Issue #3. In Issue #4 Ian also brought us an article about utilizing reflections as a photographer. If you are new to our magazine, be sure to visit our website to read all of Ian’s amazing contributions.

And speaking of amazing contributions, Debi Dalio who has helped us as our writer/editor since Issue #3, is unfortunately moving on. As our editor she was responsible for pulling together all of the content for each issue. She worked with digital artists, illustrators, and photographers from all over the world to write and develop stories that are important to our readers. Debi has made our publication significantly better and she will be missed. Debi has agreed to help us until all of her works are published, which will be around Issue #11.