Software and Mind

21 abril, 2015 Juan Díaz 0

The mechanistic myth is the belief that everything can be described as a neat hierarchical structure of things within things. And few of us realize […]


17 abril, 2015 Juan Díaz 0

Chess, unlike many other games, does not involve chance. It does not hinge on the roll of dice or which card is drawn. The outcome […]

GIMP Magazine #11

17 abril, 2015 Juan Díaz 0

This issue is a showcase of excellence in illustration and animation by multimedia artist and digital storyteller Turi Scandurra, who uses GIMP as part of […]

Open Government

16 abril, 2015 Juan Díaz 0

What is open government? In the most basic sense, it’s the notion that the people have the right to access the documents and proceedings of […]