The MagPi #30

Welcome to this new issue of The MagPi magazine.

  • Enriching NMEA: Using Java to enrich an NMEA stream
  • Ping Pong: Build a hardware based “tennis” game with the Raspberry Pi
  • LPC1114 I/O Processor: Pulse width modulation motor control
  • Weaved IOT Kit: Access your Raspberry Pi over the Internet
  • Raspberry Pi 2: Quad core processor and a gigabyte of RAM: it’s a game changer!
  • Book review: Raspberry Pi for Dummies
  • C#: Starting C# with Mono
  • C++ Cache: Inheritance and polymorphism. Part 8.
  • The Scratch patch: bouncing surfaces. A two player air hockey game in Scratch
  • The Python Pit: Maze builder