The Future Internet

The Internet constitutes the most vitals cientific, technical, economic and societal set of infrastructures in existence and in operation today, serving 2.5 billion users. Continuing its development will secure future innovation and prosperity and underpin the sustainable economic growth needed in the future. Future Internet infrastructure research is therefore a must.

The Future Internet Assembly (FIA) is a successful conference that brings together participants of over 150 research projects from several distinct yet interrelated areas in the European Union Framework Programme 7 (FP7). The research projects are grouped as follows:

  • The network of the future as an infrastructure connecting and orchestrating
  • the future Internet of people, computers, devices, content, clouds, and things.

  • Cloud computing, Internet of Services, and advanced software engineering.
  • The public-private partnership projects on Future Internet.
  • Future Internet research and experimentation (FIRE).

Researchers and practitioners associated with the Future Internet gather at the FIAs every six months in order to exchange ideas and interact on topics within the above areas.

This publication constitutes the 2013 edition of the annual Future Internet Assembly book, which has been published since 2009. It contains selected program-level results from the European Union FP7 program on the Future Internet, complementing the FIA conferences. The aim is to disseminate the results as widely as possible.