Statistical Inference for Everyone

I would like to propose a new introductor y statistical inference textbook, which I believe takes a fresh look at a course that fits into nearly ever y quantitative major at universities.

By focusing on models and data, as opposed to populations and samples, this text can more cohesively bridge the topics described in Parts I, II, and III. Probability will be introduced as a natural part of solving problems, as opposed to its standalone treatment traditionally done in today’s texts.

In this text, I will use the Probability Theory as Logic approach applied to the same problems that are traditionally covered. This viewpoint can greatly enhance our understanding of statistics and can handle topics such as confidence intervals and hypothesis testing in a very intuitive manner. Statistical inference covered in this way also addresses real-life questions that are not addressed by traditional statistical methods.

Finally, this will be a problem oriented textbook. It is imperative that the problems are cohesive with the pedagogy. I will also plan to use technology, where appropriate, to further student learning and make the textbook more interactive