Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python 3rd Edition

This book teaches you how to program by making video games. Once you learn how the games in this book work, you’ll be able to create your own games. All you’ll need is a computer, some software called the Python interpreter, and this book. The Python interpreter is free to download from the Internet.

When I was a kid, a book like this one taught me how to write my first programs and games. It was fun and easy. Now as an adult, I still have fun programming and I get paid for it. But even if you don’t become a computer programmer when you grow up, programming is a useful and fun skill to have.

Computers are incredible machines, and learning to program them isn’t as hard as people think. If you can read this book, you can program a computer. A computer program is a bunch of instructions that the computer can understand, just like a storybook is a bunch of sentences understood by the reader. Since video games are nothing but computer programs, they are also made up of instructions.

To instruct a computer, you write a program in a language the computer understands. This book teaches a programming language named Python. There are many different programming languages including BASIC, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and C++.

When I was a kid, BASIC was a common first language to learn. However, new programming languages such as Python have been invented since then. Python is even easier to learn than BASIC! But it’s still a serious programming language used by professional programmers. Many adults use Python in their work and when programming for fun.