GIMP Magazine #10

Welcome to Issue #10 of GIMP Magazine! In ten issues we have covered so much ground. We have covered various types of photography, graphic design, digital illustration and even graphic novels/cartoons. We’ve shown you various techniques in GIMP and other open source software tools (i.e. Inkscape, Scribus, and My Paint) through in-depth tutorials written by amazing experts from around the world. We have shown you what these programs are capable of, and have covered topics such as how to set up and use a stylist. We even covered a comprehensive feature comparison between GIMP and Photoshop. And, best of all, we’ve featured amazing works from all over the world in our various galleries.

This issue features amazing photography from some amazing places. Christian Schroll takes us on a journey of some pretty cool landscapes and landmarks, and also shares a master-class of how he creates HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography in a multi-page, detailed tutorial.